Our Range of Products

Get to know our range of products of MIWAKO® Milk which are allergic friendly and support your children’s cognitive & emotional development.


Functional Plant Milk

A great alternative to cow’s milk and other dairy products. Specially formulated for emotion & cognitive development.

Suitable for anyone above 12 months.

A Great Choice for Whole Family!


Functional Cocoa Plant Milk

High in antioxidants from cocoa, it promotes healthy brain development and proper nerve function.

Suitable for anyone above 3 years old.

A Great Choice for Chocolate Lover.

Formula Milk


Formula Milk (Plant-based)

Enriched with essential multivitamins and minerals, MIWAKO A+ promotes learning ability and overall body growth. 

Specially formulated for children 1 to 6 yrs old.

Smart Kids With MIWAKO A+

What is MIWAKO® ?

Learn how does MIWAKO® work to support your child's cognitive & emotional development.

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