Education Fundraising for Special Needs Family

Duration: 1st July 2021- 31st July 2021

Special Children, Special Families

To walk, to speak, or even the ability to use the toilet are things we do without thinking much of it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a certain group of children. Simple things that we took for granted are in fact difficult challenges for them. They would need a prolonged time of special training and education in order to learn what we deemed so easy to do. This group of children is known as the special needs children.

As the pandemic worsens along with the continual extensions of Movement Control Order (MCO), numerous families of special needs can no longer afford their children’s special education. Special education is not just about academics like mathematics or reading. It’s the important life skills that matter the most, to walk, to speak, or to chew…

There’s a saying, “learning should never stop”. Then, all the more so for children with special needs.
Sincerely, your donation can save lives. Help the children to get back to class to continue their learning.

1) Goh Yen Lee (Mother) | Lee Yi Hui (Daughter)
2) Chen Boon Thai (Father) | Lim Choon Fong (Mother) | Chen Zi Kang (Son)
3) Vanaja A/P Supramaniam (Mother) | Shiritaran A/L Siva Balan (Son)

Objective of Fundraising:

  • The donation raised will be used for the children’s education.
  • Fundraising goal – RM 6300, will be sufficient for 3 months of school fees for each child.
  • Should the amount raised exceed the fundraising goal, the excess donation will be evenly distributed between the beneficiaries and will be used to cover the following month(s) of education.

We hereby thank you for your kind heart and generosity. We hope that this fundraising will enable the children to continue their education which they need, to learn all the skills we have been taking for granted.

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Hear what our Nutritionist, Mr Ryan says:

Donate Now via GoGetFunding