DC Family Star

Win 1-Year Supply of MIWAKO/MIWAKO A+ (x48) & MIWACARE Series (x4) with Total Value of RM5068

Channel: Facebook and Instagram

Step to Win

  1. Post your lovely family photo (parents & children with any Dale & Cecil products) to your Facebook/Instagram personal profile and set as “Public”.
  2. The post caption is about how does Dale & Cecil beneficial to your family and where do you purchase our products.
  3. Tag @dale_and_cecil and include the hashtags #DCFamilyStar2022 #daleandcecil #miwako #NoOneCaresLikeMiwacare #miwaclub in your post.

Prizes List

  1. 1 Winner for Facebook and 1 Winner for Instagram.
  2. The prizes for each winner:
    • 1 Year supply of MIWAKO A+ or MIWAKO with total quantity of 48 canisters
    • 1 Box of MIWACARE LYSINE+
    • 1 Box of MIWACARE ENZYMES+
    • 1 Box of MIWACARE VIT C+
    • 10 Photos of DC Family Star Professional Photo Shooting
  3. Winners are required to participate 4 activities below in order to claim all 48 canisters of MIWAKO A+ or MIWAKO. Winners will receive 12 canisters upon on the completion of each activity.
    • Activity 1: Write a review on Dale & Cecil Facebook and Instagram page
    • Activity 2: Participate DC Family Star Photo Shooting (Sponsored by Dale & Cecil).
    • Activity 3: Post a testimonial video (1-5 mins) to Facebook/Instagram.
    • Activity 4: Participate Parents Live Sharing.
  4. Winners are required to send a proof of purchase of any Dale & Cecil products (purchase invoice/ receipt). Only official receipt is acceptable (Dale & Cecil e-commerce store and authorized dealers, including their main store and e-commerce store).

Terms & Conditions

  1. Eligibility:
    • Malaysian citizens, aged 18 years and above, residing in Malaysia only.
    • Has at least 1 child aged between 1 to 12 years old.
    • Purchase at least 1 Dale & Cecil product (show in family photo).
    • Has an active Facebook or Instagram account.
  2. All participants are encouraged to post the family photo in Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Ensure all Facebook and Instagram posts with tagged @dale_and_cecil and the hashtags #dcfamilystar2022 #daleandcecil #miwako #noonecareslikemiwacare #miwaclub
  4. Ensure your post is set to “Public“.
  5. The post caption is about how does Dale & Cecil beneficial to your family and where you purchase. Participants can describe the benefits of Dale & Cecil products or services (Eg. MIWAKO A+ helps my child’s learning ability! I purchase MIWAKO A+ in xxx shop. @dale_and_cecil #dcfamilystar2022 #daleandcecil #miwako #noonecareslikemiwacare #miwaclub ).
  6. Multiple entries are accepted, participants are encouraged to post as many as you could, but each person is only eligible to win one (1) DC Family Star prize.
  7. Judging criteria will include:
    • 90% – Family Love Expression
    • 10% – Creativity
  8. Judging will be conducted by Dale & Cecil.
  9. Winners will be notified publicly on Dale & Cecil’s Facebook and Instagram post.
  10. By participating, fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these steps to win, terms & conditions and the decisions of the organizer, which is the final and binding on all matters relating to the contest.
  11. By participating in this contest, the participants consent to give their personal information and the organizer reserves the right to publish, use the participants’ names and/ or photographs plus their entries for the purposes of winner announcement, publicity, advertising and/ or trade without further compensation or notice and each participant is not entitled to make any claims for the use of their entries by the organizer.