MIWAKO® Plant Milk is a 100% natural plant based milk specially formulated for growing children who need a wide variety of nutrients for growth and development. It is a great alternative to cow’s milk & other dairy products.

Allergic Friendly

Does not contain major allergens such as, dairy milk, soy, nuts, eggs and wheat.

Cognitive & Emotional Development

Functional nutrients such as GABA, Omega-3 & Choline promote healthy brain development and proper nerve function.

No Added Sugar

Not added with any sugar nor artificial sweetener. Natural sweetness come from Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) , a type of prebiotic that act as food for our friendly bacteria in the gut.

Curious about GABA?

The most important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, acting like a “brake” during times of runaway stress.

Several studies have shown that GABA might affect brain protein synthesis, improve many brain functions such as memory and study capability, and have a relaxation effect in human. Here are the benefits of GABA and how GABA helps support your child’s cognitive & emotional development.

What do moms say?

Thanks for providing MIWAKO® Plant Milk Trial Pack for the children to try first. After trying it, the kids love it and want it for breakfast before going to school. It save my time in the morning. ☺
My Xin Ru was diagnosed with autism and eczema at the age of 3. Her therapist kept a tight control on her food intake. After cutting out major allergens, my daughter’s symptoms improved dramatically and there are much lesser scratch marks on her skin, Her communication has improved as well. We are so thankful to the therapist ho taught us the importance of food choices and recommend our child to take MIWAKO® Plant Milk!
Xin Ru's Mom
Before my daughter turned 6 years old, she wasn’t able to take solid food and only drinks milk, which has caused a lot of skin issue for her. But ever since she switched to MIWAKO® and started her GFCF diet. Her skin condition improved a lot! Even her OT therapist said her focus and learning abilities have become better too! MIWAKO® Plant Milk very good 👍👍
Melody's Mom

Give your child a try

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Get to know our range of products of MIWAKO® Milk which are allergic friendly and support your child’s cognitive & emotional development.

Functional Plant Milk

Cognitive & Emotional Development

Whole Family Choice (1 yrs+) 

Delicious Cocoa Plant Milk

Rich in Antioxidants from Cocoa

Whole Family Choice (1 yrs+)

Plant-based Formula Milk

Complete Nutrition & Development

1 – 6 years old